Wedding photography


Wedding photography should be organic – I’m not a fan of the 90’s formal family shots, you know, the ones with all the bride’s family lined up outside the church. Or the overused new trend of the bride and groom stood looking lovingly into each others eyes in a field of barley… We’re not trying to create stock imagery. #not-istock #un-unsplash #getlost-getty

[I like] Shallow depth of field. Muted tones. Complimentary palettes. Kodakesque film simulation. Photo’s that will embarrass you in 30yrs.

I offer 6-8 hours of coverage from start to finish. All of your high-res images are retouched in post production and digitally delivered. You’ll have full printing rights, so you are in control of how you want to use them – print them, frame them, share them. If you want prints, or a wedding album I can arrange that for you.

I like to breakdown wedding* shoots into three parts:

  1. BTS (behind the scenes) – hair and makeup, last minute flower arranging, nervous looking parents.
  2. Pre booze – everything from the ceremony to the speeches.
  3. Post speeches – right, everyone can let their hair down, time to party.

* Obviously, weddings are unique, diverse and personal. Perhaps your plans are completely different – not a problem I’m adaptable!

Fuji, Fuji and more Fuji.

Why? Because Fujifilm make the best [IMO] mirrorless cameras and lenses not to mention their wonderful colour profiles.

I primarily shoot with Fuji X-T bodies, however can provide medium format (50 or 100mp!) using Fuji’s GFX if required. Coupled¬†with a wide rage of prime, zoom and vintage manual lenses.

I’m also a CAA approved drone operator so can also legally (and insured!) fly and shoot with my DJI drone for 20mp aerial shots.

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