So, you don’t anything about me, or why you should work with me…

Firstly. Not all the best designers are in London.

So, I live by the sea, big deal… What this basically this means for you is;

a: I’m probably cheaper than a swanky London agency

b: I’m probably more chilled out

‘But I want to work with an big agency with loads of specialists’


Do you though… Once you take the fancy smooth talking account managers out of the equation then who will you be actually dealing with? Probably some junior punk straight out of college. The benefit of working with me is I am Negative Space Design, You speak to me, I’ll design you content then I’ll build it. I’m a one stop shop. None of this passing the blame onto someone else when it all goes wrong.

‘Ok, but I want to work with an big agency with loads of specialists


Specialist you say. Right here goes. I’ve got a BA in Fine Art. A professional career as a designer & developer. I take a mean photograph. Create ‘sick as a pickle’ videos and am a wizard in the editing studio. Have a CAA drone licence. A RYA powerboat licence and I’m not bad on the tin whistle.